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                               TSC New York City Marathon
                                                Sunday, November 3, 2019

For the tenth consecutive year, the Ganley Foundation will be fileding a team for the TSC New York City Marathon!

To make a pledge for one of our teammates, please click "Marathon Runners" in the menu to the left. 

 It is a true testament that our runners  are not only are completing this world renowned 26.2 mile race, but

also that every donation they raise goes to the mission of the Ganley Foundation. That means 100% of every

donation, tax deductible as a we are a registered 501(c)(3), goes directly to the many communities that we serve.

We have a core team of ten runners who have devoted their efforts to raise funds to continue our mission.  

Please see our list of participants on our Marathon Runners list to the left.

For over 15 years the Ganley Foundation has maintained its mission to educate communities about depression

and challenge those stigmas that prevention proper intervention and treatment. When our son Jimmy Ganley

died at the age of 22 due to undiagnosed depression, The Ganley Family started a Crusade for Awareness to

promote mental health by educating youth, parents and professionals. Depression remains the leading cause

of suicide and it is also preventable. It is scary to think that suicide is the second leading cause of

death for those ages 10-34 (Center for Disease Control). More youth die from this than from cancer,

heart disease, influenza, birth defects, AIDS, stroke, pneumonia, and chronic lung disease combined.  

The Ganley Foundation continues to combat these trends. Your support allows the expansion of our

educational efforts.


 All proceeds from the 2019 TCS New York Marathon help fund the following:

 Student Presentations- Presentations are provided locally and nationally via strong relationships with county

private and public elementary, middle, and high schools. Colleges also include the University of Miami,

Nova Southeastern University, Barry University, Florida Memorial University, and Florida International University. 

Professional Trainings- “Gatekeeper" workshops are provided for teachers, first responders including

police officers, and staff members. This allows those professionals working with youth to identify important

warning signs and make proper and proactive referrals.

Philanthropic Efforts- The James R. Ganley School founded in the most violent city in the Americas Juarez, Mexico.

Without us these children would not be safely provided an elementary education. 

Conferences and Symposiums- Partnerships with Baptist Health, ICABA and United Way allow for widespread

community education and bullying symposiums across Broward and Miami-Dade County. 

Media Outreach- We have shared our expertise multiple times on channels including CNN, CNN en Espanol,

Fox Sports en Espanol, ESPN, and E!. 


We are excited to celebrate our work as we share our success stories about the differences made because of your

support. Below are a few from this year.



“I knew I needed help, but I didn’t know how to even begin or ask. Every day was a struggle. The sun could shine

yet it all felt black. After your presentation I found my words.” – 7th grade student who was being bullied and had

begun to self-harm


“My friend and I had a suicide pact. A third friend learned about it and told on us because a counselor who

was trained knew what to look for and encouraged our friend to speak up. We were mad at first, but life is so

much better now. That friend and counselor saved us from the worst decision we could have made.” – 11th grade



"You've saved at least 6 of my students. We need to talk about these things. Your presentations are conversation

starters- lifesaving ones!"  - Middle school counselor


“Our program provides safe adults to advocate for children in the court system who wouldn’t have a voice otherwise.

The abuse some of them have endured makes it understandable that they’d want the pain to go away even if at

their own hands. We have seen many beautiful children deal with suicide and now we can handle it better.

They’ve survived severe abuse, we can’t let them be hurt further.” - Guardian Ad Litem Director


“The trainings law enforcement received for our CIT and SRO officers is irreplaceable. Presentations are compelling,

informative, and are a great help to our law enforcement. Mental health must be addressed especially for us first

responders." – Police Sergeant


“It is my second year as a principal. Before the holidays we experienced a second suicide. We are at one suicide per

year.  In my 17 years in education I see the increase firsthand and staff without your support are not equipped to

address this. Not even the school system provides the services you do. We need it. Its life or death.”

High School principal 


“This year marks my 10th year as executive director of the Ganley Foundation. I am so proud, blessed and

humbled to say that we’ve lost count of those lives we’ve saved. It is also an act of faith as we know we’ve

helped many we will never know about.” – Grace Carricarte, executive director


We thank you for your support and look forward to making more of these success stories possible. Together more

lives can be saved.


Best always,

Ganley Foundation


*For more information please contact Grace Carricarte at

unknown PROD-3841