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I am excited to be running the NYC Marathon for a second time on behalf of The Ganley Foundation! I am proud to be raising money for an organization that supports mental health and suicide prevention as these are issues that have directly affected my family and me in recent years. See below for more information about the many ways that the Ganley Foundation supports these cause. Thank you for your donation in any amount.

For the eleventh consecutive year, the Ganley Foundation will be fielding a team for the TSC New York City Marathon! Thank you for supporting me in my crusade for awareness.  I will be running the 2019 TCS New York City Marathon on November 3rd this year!

It is a true testament to the efforts our participants put to our core mission of awareness where every mile ran and ever dollar of your participation benefits the Ganley Foundation. We have a core team of ten runners who have devoted their efforts to raise funds to continue our mission.  

For over 15 years the Ganley Foundation has maintained its mission to educate communities about depression and challenge those stigmas that prevention proper intervention and treatment. The Ganley Foundation founders; Jim and Ann Ganley's son Jimmy Ganley died at the age of 22 due to undiagnosed depression, The Ganley Family started a Crusade for Awareness to promote mental health by educating youth, parents and professionals. Depression remains the leading cause of suicide and it is also preventable. It is scary to think that suicide is the second leading cause of death for those ages 10-34 (Center for Disease Control). More youth die from this than from cancer, heart disease, influenza, birth defects, AIDS, stroke, pneumonia, and chronic lung disease combined. .

The Ganley Foundation continues to combat these trends. Your support allows the expansion of our educational efforts. All proceeds from the 2019 TCS New York City Marathon help fund the following:

  • Student Presentations- Presentations are provided locally and nationally via strong relationships with county private and public elementary, middle, and high schools. Colleges also include the University of Miami, Nova Southeastern University, Barry University, Florida Memorial University, and Florida International University.
  • Professional Trainings- “Gatekeeper" workshops are provided for teachers, first responders including police officers, and staff members. This allows those professionals working with youth to identify important warning signs and make proper and proactive referrals.
  • Philanthropic Efforts- The James R. Ganley School founded in the most violent city in the Americas Juarez, Mexico. Without us these children would not be safely provided an elementary education.
  • Conferences and Symposiums- Partnerships with Baptist Health, ICABA and United Way allow for widespread community education and bullying symposiums across Broward and Miami-Dade County. 
  • Media Outreach- We have shared our expertise multiple times on channels including CNN, CNN en Espanol, Fox Sports en Espanol, ESPN, and E!. 

We are excited to celebrate our work with you as we share our success stories about the differences made because of your support.  We thank you for your support and look forward to making more of these success stories possible. Together more lives can be saved. 


  • kelly (about 4 days ago)

    good luck joe!

  • Emily (about a week ago)

    Good luck!

  • Mairead (about a week ago)

    "I was runnang" = Forrest Gump

  • Eric (about a week ago)

    I can see the headlines now: Legs of Leuci Lead Marathon to Millions of Dollars in Donations.

  • Scott (about a week ago)

    Enjoy the race. - Kamco Supply

  • Christopher (about 2 weeks ago)

    Great cause Joe. Happy to donate. ABC Supply- Glens Falls

  • Howard (about a month ago)

    Joe Good Luck from your Friends at Curtis Lumber !

  • John (about a month ago)


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